Research and development

In 1964,  Nikolay Basov(Nobel Prize winner in physics) put forward idea of using electron beam to excite semi-conductor for stimulated emission or laser.  

In 2005, laser display was listed in national mid-term and long-term development plan and became a key technology. In 2006, laser display technology was rated as “world advanced overall technology and world leading key index ”

In 2007, Light Peak successfully developed ALPD technology (the advanced laser phosphor display technology), which marked that  Chinese enterprises mastered all intellectual property of core display technology and opened a new chapter of laser display technology.

In 2008, various display technologies were applied to laser, but mass production couldn’t be achieved due to high cost, low reliability and others. ALPD technology was widely considered the technology with the highest business maturity in the fourth generation display technology in the world.

In 2013, ALPD technology became the most appropriate technology for household mass production; ALPD products won the CES Product of the Future and Germany Industrial Design Award-- “Red Dot Award”.

In 2014, Hisense, Chang-Hong and domestic premium appliance brands joined ALPD; ALPD cinema-class products entered the IMAX movie theater in Huangle coast of Shenzhen and successfully premiered the “Transformers 4”.    

In 2015, ALPD products for education users were jointly developed by Donview and Light Peak, which opened up a new field of teaching projector.