Leading laser light peak age PROPIX ultrashort laser focal education projector was released

Leading laser light peak age PROPIX ultrashort laser focal education projector was released

- and the establishment ceremony of Beijing Oriental light peak technology co., LTD

      In the afternoon on April 8, Beijing Oriental light peak technology co., LTD. In Beijing national convention center established a new company and new product launch. Company established and announced the east light peak PROPIX ultrashort laser focal education the projector. This event brought together from all over the country the projector distributors and manufacturers user nearly more than 100 people. Also attending the conference are TI DLP products of the company in Asia sales manager, Mr Zheng Haibing light peak photoelectric technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. Chairman Mr Li Yi and Beijing Oriental digital technology co., LTD. The main leaders of central plains of China.

      The development of laser technology and constantly improve, won the market in the field of projection display, projection market has now become a focal point.With innovative ALPD laser display technology of shenzhen light peak photoelectric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the photoelectric light peak) will bring projection industry of disruptive technology innovation.

      Light peak photoelectric co., LTD. Is founded in shenzhen in 2009, Dr By Li Yi Li Yi founder Dr. Is a well-known experts in the field of semiconductor light source, is also the department member of "one thousand plan". The company originated in the United States in 2004 at the university of rochester and the U.S. department of energy joint management of laser laboratory, since founded 09, is a research and development, the production of high-end semiconductor lighting, display lighting, as well as provide the world's leading solid-state lighting solutions for high-tech enterprises. Light peak company core r&d team from the United States, Taiwan experienced professional returnees talent in silicon valley, in the related fields of optoelectronics, solid-state lighting engineering has more than 500 patents, is the laser light source solutions for global founder, is the domestic only has the laser light source and light machine core technology businesses.

      Beijing Oriental zhongyuan digital technology co., LTD., founded in 1993, the company got started from the agent a world-class projection equipment, has more than 20 years shows that the product sales and service experience of the industry, has more than 30 branches throughout the country, all over the country's huge sales and after-sales service system.

      March 2015 peak photoelectric moonlight and created the east central plains PROPIX brands, and applies the brand on the ultra-short laser focal projector, phosphors rotation of ultra-quiet design, technology, etc. After industrialization development, at present has formed a complete industrial chain technology. Through the newly established company production laser projector, projection industry upgrade and full access to the laser time to lay the solid foundation! Front leading the perfect fusion of technology and industry experience, for the laser projection market stable and reliable with high brightness projector products.

      PROPIX ultrashort confocal laser projector, it is a suitable for education industry with the ultra short focal lens, with full color, clear image and lasting brightness, big screen, and zero maintenance, zero pollution, zero radiation characteristics, break through the traditional image of multimedia teaching performance and visual experience. 0.5 m best inch projection can be realized, and has a 3 d display function, at the same time he has more than 20000 hours of life, while reduce the cost, achieve real energy conservation and environmental protection.

      On the design, PROPIX ultrashort confocal laser projector used fully enclosed design, its efficient heat dissipation design, while ensure cooling system requirements, the machine under 30 decibel noise control, ensuring the good scene effect. PROPIX laser projector will be innovative products and experience to the user and can bring real benefits to users, and bring a new revolution to the projector field.

Beijing Orient light peak technology co., LTD was formally established

      CPPCC 2015 will be the spirit in the years of the vigorous development of the education career. The projector market as an important education products increasingly prominent in the position in the education market, east light peak to cater to the market under the new technology mode and channel structure, and win-win future.